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It’s time to enjoy working out!

The ultimate online workout for your body and mind that will have you discovering all the goodness that is already inside of you.

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On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.


On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.


Welcome to Blitz By Harper.

The BLITZ is more than just a regular online workout - it will undoubtedly improve your fitness levels but more importantly your mindset too. The BLITZ is a workout for the mind, we will free you from negativity, we will bring positivity into your day and we will help you create sustainable changes.

Those looking for a quick fix programme, look away now. Our mission is to help you build confidence! Through our unique workouts we will help you become physically and mentally stronger, focusing on long term transformations for mind, body and soul.

Whether you have a goal in mind or not, we will help guide you, coach you and motivate you to be reach those goals or set new goals every single day and show you that anything is possible with the right mindset!


Hi, I'm Sammy!

I created BLITZ by Harper at the start of lockdown during a time when life had been turned on its head and upside down for many. The idea of BLITZ By Harper was to bring my incredible workouts to your home via Zoom, allowing you all access to a gym class of quality and thoroughly thought through workouts, bringing the class to you! I have worked in this wonderful industry now for several years and I am really beginning to forge a name for myself in regards to keeping my workouts uplifting and full of energy.

I will put you through your paces, I will drive you and I will push you to be the best you can be. I will be virtually by your side every step (and every burpee) of the way. My passion for this incredible industry and my passion for people is utterly infectious, and once combined is a HUGE recipe for success. Blitz By Harper is about community and it's about you. Become part of the team, and discover all the goodness that is already inside of you! 

I created BLITZ by Harper with four pillars in mind; FITNESS. MIND. COMMUNITY. FUN. These are the cornerstones and something every BLITZ class represents. It is more than just a workout programme, it's a community, its’ FUN and it’s a supportive space for YOU to be whoever you want to be. 

My workouts will help you regain control, stay accountable, keep you motivated to get the results you want and more importantly remind you how incredible you are. Remember it’s never too late to start over, so why not put you at the top of your priority list and do something that your future self will thank you for? 

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”.

Sammy xoxo


From the community

"The rituals and exercises in The Well classes helped me connect with my inner goddess and intuition. Seeing and honoring myself as a sacred vessel for the divine feminine has deepened my self worth and positively transformed all of my relationships. I wish every human on the planet had access to these teachings! " - Katie Mackenzie, Founder of A La Ligne Method & Mama of two daughters

“The tools Chantal shared for aligning with the cycles of nature were simple and practical, yet profoundly life changing! I now understand the power of cyclic living and have never felt better in my body and my life.” - Kristin Constable, Soulful Business & Leadership Coach

“We’re living in challenging times! Taking Chantal’s courses during a global pandemic taught me that embodying the feminine CAN change the world, and the importance of community to create positive social change.” - Hannah Phang, Founder of The Crystals, Clits and Climate Podcast

“The training I received from Chantal Russell at The Vancouver School of Healing Arts was phenomenal. It was a spiritual journey filled with theory and practice. I feel I received incredible value and have added skilled professionals to my network.” - Cathy Murphy

“V-Soha led by Chantal Russell is a wonderful academic institution in the field of yoga and the healings arts with a hand picked selection of the finest teachers who are deeply committed to their students as well as to the practice and lineage of yoga.” - Nima Padmanahban

“I had an amazing experience. I love Chantal’s teaching style and her ability to create authentic community.” - Samantha Wooster

The Blitz has completely transformed the way I feel about myself, my body and what I can do. Mentally & physically I genuinely feel the best I’ve ever felt. I do not know how Sammy does it - every day, she challenges and motivates us to give everything, and somehow gets us laughing even as we’re facing into the millionth burpee.


Sammy's workouts are SO MUCH FUN and completely unique! The 45 minutes goes by in a flash, is always full of challenging elements and always makes me laugh! This is the best shape I have ever been in and I have never enjoyed working out as much as with Sammy and the rest of theBlitz. I really don't know how Sammy does it - this morning, before 8am, we did 150 clean and press - WTF!?


For me the BLITZ has been something unlike any other fitness class or group I’ve been part of before. Yes it’s about seeing how physically fit you are but just as much importance is put on mental health and strength. The community spirt always helps! I love how the classes have made me not just find out areas of my fitness that are a weakness but making them the strongest part.

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